If you are looking for some recommendations for Charles Davis you came to the right place. Below are a few - with pdf downloads for your convenience. If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

December 10, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in recommendation of Charles Davis, who I have known for a period of over 10 years. Charlie was a full-time employee of Pelland Advertising beginning in February of 2010, for a period of approximately 4½ years. Since that time, he has continued to provide services to my company on a part-time basis as an independent contractor. Charlie has consistently proven himself to be dependable, trustworthy, and highly personable. He has acquired a broad range of graphic design skills over the years, has shown a willingness to adapt and learn new skills, and could always be expected to go the extra mile to complete any task. Thanks to a pleasant, good-natured and outgoing personality, as well as a consistent sense of humor, our clients consistently loved working with Charlie.

Over this period of time, I have also gotten to know Charlie on a personal level, including the many times when he accompanied me for business travel to conferences and trade shows. Understanding the multi-tasking requirements of a small business, he was always willing to take on tasks that went beyond his basic job description. When doing so, he always represented the company in a highly positive manner.

I would summarize my opinion of Charlie as an all-around decent human being. At a time when so many people are obsessed with what they can get out of life, Charlie has consistently demonstrated that he cares for others. He was raised with strong family values, and he carries those forward in his day-to-day living and his work ethic. He is a genuine example of the type of person that the world could use more of these days.

I recommend Charlie as a fine example of an employee who would be an asset to any company, large or small.

Peter Pelland
CEO & Founder
Pelland Advertising
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September 6, 2016

Re: Charles Davis

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Charles Davis since his employment began at Mayhew Steel Products in Turners Falls, MA. I was his direct supervisor, and was responsible for selecting him for the position of Marketing Communications Manager.

In that position, Charles was responsible for managing many concurrent projects and requests, and meeting the deadlines associated with them. This also included many revisions at the request of the sales department. The work included print and advertising media, video production, and website updates and content management.

Charles performance was exemplary in all respects. I could depend on him to be working to meet all deadlines, and to keep me informed of project status, and any issues that they may have. He was always open to suggestions and worked well with the team. I would not hesitate to have Charles on my team again.

Dave Sepavich
Vice President Sales & Marketing

LongCap Lamson Products, LLC
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September 4, 2016

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Charles Davis. Charles and I worked closely together at the Deluxe Corporation for a couple of years. During that time, I’d gotten to know Charles quite well and can thoroughly vouch for his graphic design, web design, and multi-media skills and abilities as well as his character. He is a responsible, caring, and hard-working individual.

During our working years together, Charles always had a firm grasp of creative design software and hardware, as well as showing strong visual and interactive design skills across a range of customer-facing Web and print projects. We would often discuss visual or color strategies for arranging page elements that maintained brand consistency and addressed business initiatives across a variety of marketing channels.

I’m happy to recommend Charles for any graphic and web design position. Please contact me if you should have any further questions.

Daniel Roberge
UX Sr. Visual Designer
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September 4, 2016

Mike Grady - CEO Mike Grady Social Media Management and Development

31st August, 2016

Re: Recommendation of Charles Davis

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Charles Davis for any graphic and web design position.

I have known him, worked with, for, and employed as a graphic artist, and web developer for over 6 years. He has a great eye for artistic design, and detail in all his work. He is extremely loyal, trustworthy, and has a fantastically strong work ethic. I would put him on the top of my list for anyone I would hire, or work with in the future.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Your business/company would be very fortunate to bring Charles onboard!

Mike Grady
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Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time
Charlie has been a great partner for my business. He works hard, pays attention to details, and handles my requests with speed and accuracy. Charlie exceeds my expectations in everything he does for me.

Bill Burnett

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
Charlie was easy to work with and was very accommodating of all our picky requests. He completed things on time and within budget, and the two design pieces came out looking nice.

Val Nelson

Manager of FoodPlay Media at FoodPlay Productions